It's You Versus No, You Versus Can't

University-age Rince na h'Eireann OC Irish dancer and occasional Rince Diabhal (Duke Irish dance) choreographer

(Main account is bythelightofradium)

While this may be looking a bit far ahead, wouldn’t it be cool if the Irish dancers from tumblr set up a few different days at Nationals to practice together before the competitions? We could create groups for competitions that are on the same day or are close together day-wise, as it’s tough to get everyone together within an entire week of competitions. People could bring speakers, snacks/water, playlists, ect.

I find it helpful to have different perspectives on dances before competition, and I feel as if tumblr’s supportive environment could facilitate all of us getting and receiving last minute tips from fresh eyes. (Obviously, the anonymous hate-mongers are not invited and people in the same age group split wouldn’t have to “help the competition.”) I can organize it with some help (from some of you? :) ) and provide more specific plans once the schedule is released and people start booking flights to Anaheim. 

Is anyone interested? Does anyone want to try this for Worlds (as I’m not attending)?

  1. maeve628 answered: I would love to meet up with you guys- I’ll be @ worlds for U19 ceili and drama, and NANS for ceili, solos, and drama
  2. lorde-of-the-dance answered: SO keen! I’m from New Zealand and my friend an I are coming to NANs so this would be so much fun!!
  3. irish-dancers-kick-butt answered: all of the regions should meet somewhere & we could be best friends<3
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